Emergency Response

One pillar of the Rochester Rapid Response Network (RRRN) is our emergency response work. In the last two years, we have trained an estimated 80 individuals in the greater Rochester community to collectively respond to the following emergencies that members of the undocumented community face at any given time.

Local police have pulled a community member over, and have subsequently called Border Patrol due to “suspicion” that the community member does not have legal status (racial profiling).

  • ICE officers show up at a community member’s home, and are threatening to arrest and detain specific individuals.
  • ICE officers have coordinated a workplace raid and detained workers.
  • Any situation where undocumented community members, or community members perceived as undocumented, are facing threats of arrest and deportation at the hands of immigration enforcement.

The RRRN emergency response hotline (585-420-6471) is available for anyone to  access if they feel they are in danger of arrest and/or detention. Calling this hotline connects the individual facing the emergency with a bilingual (English/Spanish) “Operator,” who then can activate the network of volunteers who have been trained to respond effectively.

An effective emergency response is about helping the individual feel supported at the moment, and getting volunteers to the scene in order to disrupt arrest/detention, and/or to let ICE and Border Patrol know that they cannot terrorize our immigrant community in the shadows. Our volunteers are trained to film and document immigration enforcement activity. Emergency response also allows RRRN to do follow-up family and court support with the detained individual and their family if it is feasible. 

Emergency Response Trainings 

RRRN has put on a total of four training sessions since December 2018, including at two churches, a community space, and a synagogue. Currently, 70 individuals are trained and prepared to respond if they are able.

We have coordinated 4 emergency responses, and have supported countless individuals calling our hotline for less urgent support (connection to legal services, connection to social services, reporting ICE activity). 

Interested in Hosting a Training?

If you are a part of a community organization (church, congregation, political), and you would like to host a training, we are available to do so. We ask that your community compensate our organization $50 for the labor involved. Anyone who completes a training is added to our emergency response network, and is certified to respond to any emergency that comes up. 

Please email us at rocrapidresponse@gmail.com to inquire about training.

Interested in Becoming an Operator?

Our hotline number is monitored around the clock by our dedicated operators. If you are a bilingual (English/Spanish) speaker and interested in getting trained for this role, please email us at rocrapidresponse@gmail.com