Court Support

Court Support is a breakout group of RRRN. We currently meet on need-to-basis but have done monthly meetings in the past. People of all backgrounds and skill levels are welcome to join us in this work.  We offer guidance and training opportunities to newcomers. 

What do we do?

RRRN provides emergency responses to immigration enforcement in the greater Rochester area. Court support is often needed in the aftermath of such an emergency and our group strives to provide short-term follow-up care and referral services whenever possible. 

This can look like:

  • Driving community members to and from ICE check-ins and court hearings
  • Accompanying community members to ICE check-ins and court hearings
  • Writing letters of support 
  • Elevating court cases through the media (both press and digital)

In 2019 alone we supported 13 families, as well as provided accompaniment to 6 court hearings and ICE check-ins. In 2020, we accompanied 1 individual to immigration court before hearings were postponed due to COVID-19. Our efforts are currently centered around building up our capacity to provide temporary housing in the Rochester area.

Why do we do this?

Court support is a strategy to show solidarity with our immigrant neighbors, help ease the anxiety of interacting with the legal system, and reduce the likelihood of detention and deportation.

How To Get Involved?

Fill out our new volunteer form or email us at so you can be added to our email listserv and WhatsApp group.