Undocumented immigrants in our region and attacks on them over the last decade


Alianza Agricola – Farm workers organizing around immigrant rights 

Greenlight Campaign launches / Ally Groups begin to form

Spring 2017

Geneseo Incident – Two Guatemalan sisters and their 5 children detained by CBP following a minor traffic violation. 

September 2017

RRRN forms in response to political climate.

Over the past year and a half, RRRN has…. 

  1. Provided family support for 20 people targeted by immigration enforcement. 
  2. Served as court accompaniment in support of 10 individuals in removal proceedings. 
  3. Held 20 public events and press events (some were connected to individual cases, while others focused on broader immigration policy issues)

Highlighted RRRN Case: Carlos Cardona

In Summer 2018 CBP arrested and subsequently detained Alianza Agrícola’s vice president, Carlos Cardona. RRRN stepped in to provide emotional, logistical, and financial support to Carlos and his family. 

Through a GoFundMe Campaign $5,731 was raised by 120 individuals. Carlos was released from Batavia Detention Center after 4 days on $10,000 bail. RRRN supported Carlos in coming forward to write an Op-Ed for the New York Daily News about his experience and the need for policy change on driver’s licenses at the state level.